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About Stuart Croft

Stuart Croft (1970 – 2015) was a London-based artist / filmmaker. He graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 1994 and went on to gain an MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1998.

His dialogue-based, character-driven films often focus on themes of power, recurrence, entrapment and desire. Croft explored the relationships between art and cinema and his works have been presented as installations or single-screen projections within galleries, contemporary art museums and cinemas. The films have been shown in over 25 countries to date.

Croft also taught fine art and film and became a highly-respected educator. In 2009 he founded the Royal College of Art’s Moving Image Studio and in 2013 he established the RCA’s new Moving Image Pathway. He was a recipient of various production awards, research grants and commissions including awards from Arts Council England, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Royal College of Art and Bloomberg.

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View a selection of Croft’s films below:

About the Archive

Stuart Croft’s archive includes a variety of documentation and ephemera including notebooks, scripts, drawings and correspondence, as well as finished film works and moving image material on a variety of tape and disc formats.

Included within the physical archive is an extensive collection of material that had been boxed by Stuart himself. The artist had carefully maintained this living archive within his studio and the contents reflect the coalescence of his working life through his thoughts and his unique creative process as an artist. The depth of information contained within the archive provides a rich, valuable resource for artists, researchers, curators and scholars.

The Stuart Croft Foundation inherited the archive and will ensure the preservation of Stuart Croft’s legacy. The Foundation is committed to promoting public access and scholarly research into his archive and details of how to access the archive will be announced shortly. Please email us for further information.

View a selection of Croft’s films below:

Century City

Actress Pippa Hinchley playing Nancy Delport, in Century City (2006), the Cape Town detective investigating a murder thousands of miles away in Hollywood.

Drive In

A camera rigged up to a car for Croft's Drive In (2007), shot on the streets of east London.

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The Stag without a Heart

Actor Martin Turner is a brilliant storyteller in The Stag Without a Heart (2010).

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Comma 39

Stuart Croft directs the dancers Greig Cooke and Michela Meazza, on the set of Comma 39 (2011), a film commissioned by Bloomberg.

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The Death Waltz

The dinner party set of The Death Waltz (2008), a film where the actors also had to be the camera operators.

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A disgraced former US politician is played by Martin Turner, in Croft's short film Questions (2014).

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