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‘In memoriam Stuart Croft (1970 – 2015)’ in Moving Image Review & Art Journal

‘In memoriam Stuart Croft (1970–2015)’, written by Stuart Croft Foundation trustee Steven Eastwood, will be published in Moving Image Review & Art Journal, Issue 6:1&2: ’50 Years of Artists’ Moving Image in Britain’.

Guest edited by Ben Cook (LUX) and Lucy Reynolds (CREAM, University of Westminster), the volume also includes a write-up of a roundtable discussion between Steven Eastwood, Philip Ilson, Duncan Reekie, Jennet Thomas, David Leister, and chaired by Tai Shani at the Horse Hospital last year. ‘The Volcano generation: London film groups in the 1990s’ reflects on the underground film club scene in London, an era that influenced Stuart Croft’s early work and practice.

Copies of issues 6:1&2 and 7:1 will be available for sale at a discounted price at a free ‘live launch’ event on Tuesday 27 March 2018 at Ambika P3.

Find out more and register to attend on Eventbrite.

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