The Moving Image Award

Stuart Croft was an innovator whose film practice involved narrative circularity, appropriation and the language of genre cinema. The Stuart Croft Foundation is dedicated to supporting moving image artists and filmmakers to test new ideas and take risks with both form and content. Applicants are particularly encouraged to experiment with narrative.

Please read the guidelines prior to applying:


One award of £5,000 is available for the production of a new film/moving image artwork.

Applicants are advised to propose distinct, inventive and well-reasoned proposals for the production.

Award applications for the Moving Image Award will be considered for:
  • Artists moving image (for gallery/cinema/site specific/other)
  • Short fiction film production
  • Short documentary production
  • Visual essays
  • UK-based projects
Applications will NOT be considered for:
  • Applicants that have graduated within the last year from a higher education course
  • Student productions
  • Festivals or conferences
  • Group exhibitions or community projects
  • Educational or research activity
  • Residencies or travel
  • Publications and catalogues
  • Projects taking place outside the UK

Please note that other SCF award strands may fund some of the above.

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