Stuart Croft Foundation
Award Scheme

Stuart Croft was an innovative artist whose film practice involved narrative circularity, appropriation and the language of genre cinema. The Stuart Croft Foundation is dedicated to supporting moving image artists and filmmakers to test new ideas and take risks with both form and content.


Launched in March 2017 to support the production and dissemination of new moving image works, the Stuart Croft Foundation scheme has offered three distinct funding awards: the Moving Image Award, the Education Award, and an award that encourages the development of a different aspect concerning moving image each year – a Special Projects Award in 2017, a Research Award in 2018, and a Curation Award in 2020.


The SCF awards have enabled artists, filmmakers, researchers, and curators working in and between the gallery and the cinema to undertake and complete small-scale projects, where other funding options may be difficult to obtain.


Previous recipients:



Anna Brass – Haukebodde Hacoud Hacwod Aukud Acud Acut Acuto (Moving Image Award, £5000)

Michelle Williams Gamaker – The Bang Straws (Moving Image Award, £5000)

Seán Elder – Birmingham Critical Film Forum (Curation Award, £2000)

Myrid Carten – No Place Like Home (Education Award, £1000)

Grzegorz Stefański – Thrust (Education Award, £1000)



Lucy Pawlak – Holding (Moving Image Award, £5000)

Adam RobertsRetrospect: residue, trace, absence (Research Award, £3000)

Jennifer Martin – Teeth (Education Award, £2000)



Frances Scott – she do the tree in different voices (Moving Image Award, £5000)

Erik Martinson – Its origins are indeterminate (Special Projects Award, £2500)

Sam Williamsthe actual structure is the material (Education Award, £2000).


The Stuart Croft Foundation Awards are currently closed for applications.

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The Moving Image

The Moving Image Award supports moving image artists and filmmakers to test new ideas and take risks with both form and content. Applicants are particularly encouraged to experiment with narrative.

The Curation

The Curation Award supports curators to deliver curatorial projects that make an original contribution to public access and discourse concerning the moving image in its many forms.

The Education

The Education Award provides grants to support postgraduate students (MA and Doctoral research candidates) and those within their first year of graduating to conduct specific aspects of their film practice.

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